Korniche Speedbead System: Revolutionising Bi-Folding Door Glazing

14,05,24 | News, Products

by Daniel Hirst

For both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts, bi-folding door installation can be a rewarding project. However, traditional glazing methods involving cutting and fitting gaskets can be time-consuming, messy, and prone to errors. Made for Trade, the proud manufacturer of Korniche Bi-Folding Doors, is here to introduce a revolutionary solution: the Korniche Speedbead System.

Say Goodbye to Gaskets, Hello to Speedbead!

In this informative video by Skillbuilder’s Roger Bisby, you’ll gain a deep dive into the innovative Speedbead System and discover the advantages that make it a game-changer for anyone working with bi-folding doors.

As Roger explains:

“They’ve put this piece of polyamide in here, which is the same material on the thermal brake clipped into this aluminium profile… Once it’s in, it’s in and the only way you’re going to get it out is with this special Korniche deglazing tool.”

Close-up view of the Korniche Speedbead profile showcasing the clip-in design and the pre-gasketed polyamide seal.

Discover the secret to faster installation and a cleaner finish! See the unique clip-in design and pre-gasketed polyamide seal of the Korniche Speedbead.

Effortless Installation, Superior Results

The Speedbead System replaces traditional gaskets with a unique clip-in bead. This innovative design boasts a pre-gasketed bead, eliminating the need for on-site gasket manipulation and saving you valuable time. The clever polyamide insert flexes for easy insertion, simply clip the bead into place for a secure and weatherproof fit, every single time.

Here’s what Roger loves about the Speedbead System:

“This is the future… You’ve got a much nicer aluminium finish with just a thin piece of rubber there. So rather than having to push all that gasket in, and it never looked that great quite honestly. This is beautiful.”

Roger Bisby easily installs the Korniche Speedbead clip-in bead with a simple push using his thumb and hand.

No more struggling with gaskets! The Korniche Speedbead System allows for effortless clip-in bead installation.

Streamlined Removal and Readjustment

The Speedbead System doesn’t just simplify installation; it also streamlines the process of removing and refitting the glazing. Unlike traditional methods that risk damaging gaskets during removal, the Speedbead System features a dedicated deglazing tool. This allows for quick and effortless bead removal without marking the glass or paintwork.

Roger provides valuable advice on removing the bead:

“If you find that that rubber is stuck in there, it might have dried out. You can just squirt in a bit of silicone spray in there.”

This image showcases the ease of installing the Korniche Speedbead System. Here, Roger Bisby demonstrates the simple process of pushing the pre-gasketed clip-in bead into place using just his thumb and hand.

eed to adjust your bi-folding door? The Korniche Speedbead System and dedicated deglazing tool allow for quick and damage-free bead removal.

Benefits of the Korniche Speedbead System:

  • Faster and easier installation compared to traditional gaskets
  • Pre-gasketed bead eliminates on-site manipulation
  • Clip-in design ensures a secure and weatherproof seal
  • Concealed bead creates a sleek aesthetic finish
  • Dedicated deglazing tool for effortless bead removal
  • Reduces risk of damaging glass or paintwork during removal
Korniche Speedbead deglazing tool for effortless removal of the clip-in bead.

The Korniche Speedbead Deglazing Tool: Your Key to Hassle-Free Bead Removal


Transform Your Bi-Folding Door Project

If you’re looking for a smarter way to glaze your bi-folding doors, look no further than the Korniche Speedbead System. This innovative solution from Made for Trade offers a range of benefits that streamline the installation process and deliver superior results.

Watch the full video by Skill Builder Roger Bisby to see the Speedbead System in action and discover how it can transform your next bi-folding door project.

Roger Bisby stands next to a bi-folding door with the Korniche Speedbead System installed, showcasing its seamless integration into the outdoor space.

Open up your living space with ease! The Korniche Speedbead System facilitates a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors.

Made for Trade | Bi-Folding Door Excellence

At Made for Trade, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that make your bi-folding door projects easier and more successful. The Korniche Speedbead System is a testament to this commitment.





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