Korniche bi-folding doors

Designed brighter, engineered better

Designed to perfection, brighten your room with bi-folding doors that combine robust functionality and security with breath-taking elegance.

When it comes to bringing more of the outdoors into your home, it’s the details in your bi-folding doors that make the difference. Great looking handles in matching finishes. A perfect glide. Slimmer profiles. More glass. Better protection. Superb heat retention. Korniche gets every element right.

Expertly engineered, Korniche bi-folding doors exude the same quality in their function as they do in design.

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Peace of mind comes as standard with Korniche

PART L compliant
Multiple Configurations
Short manufacturing lead times
All Bi-Folding Doors Delivered Pre-Assembled

Korniche Bi-fold Door Key features


Korniche bi-folding doors exude the same quality in their function as they do in design, with an exclusive roller system that delivers an effortlessly smooth glide every time.


With a clean, consistent and slim design, our bi-folding doors superbly reflect the care with which they were made, with frames that can be powder coated in vivid colours on either side.


The frames come with enhanced security that includes a 3 Star Yale locking barrel, high strength shoot-bolts and multi-point locking systems.


With high precision materials and equally high manufacturing tolerances, our bi-folding doors feature polyamide thermal breaks to keep heat in and the cold out.

Fast & easy to install

Glazed in minutes! – The patented aluminium clip bead system, unique to Korniche saves approximately 50% in glazing the Korniche bi-folding door system. Alongside pre-installed gasket, these doors are a breeze to install.

Easy adjustment to glazing! Need to re-adjust or toe and heel? Korniche Bi-folding doors make this is easy and avoid remedial or requirement for additional damaged parts. Made for Trade have developed the unique bead removal tool that allows the installer to take out the beads with no damage and re-position glazing easily and quickly.

Pre-assembled – Unless otherwise requested all Korniche bi-folding doors from Made for Trade will be delivered quality checked and assembled ready for easy installation.


With PAS24 as standard on laminated glass options and the YALE 3 star locking barrel, The Korniche Bi-folding doors are second to none when it comes to strength and durability.

Multi-point locks with combination of hooks, sliding roller and deadbolts.

Korniche Shoot-Bolt Handle features a unique anti-back drive that ensures the door cannot be forced open if the shoot bolt is left unlocked. The handle is disengaged with only a 110-degree turn of the handle with a high gear ratio gearbox.

The Shoot bolt handle also makes it impossible to leave the key in and avoid crushing and damaging the frame with the key.

Slave door sashes are fitted with a hidden ‘flip-flop’ locking lever providing top and bottom shoot bolt engagement.

Quality counts

Exclusive to the Korniche bi-folding door system – Stainless steel rail and roller wheels with articulated wheel axle arrangement allowing door loading to be equally distributed along the rails for the fastest smoothest glide and operation. All roller hardware uses sealed stainless steel roller bearings.

High-performance top and bottom outer frame seals with retaining seal locking feature.

High strength double crimped and bonded sash joints.


The Korniche bi-folding door systems deliver exceptional weather performance through low thermal bridging thanks to engineered hardware mounting with wide polyamide thermal breaks and industry-leading Q-Lon main outer frame seals. Brushed pile draught seals have an intermediate sealing flap.

  • Hollow sealed corners for consistent sash seal compression.
  • Weather performance to BS 6375-1: 2009 and Document L compliant.
  • Double glazed thermal U-value from 1.5W/m2K using 1.0w/m2K centre pane.

Style and functionality

With exclusive matching Korniche hardware that provides a final flourish to bi-folding doors that deliver exceptional doors at a competitive price point. Matching handle sets are available in-stock colour options and alongside brushed stainless steel and chrome that sit on industry-standard powder-coated frames with thinner sightlines, hidden ready fitted glazing seals.

  • Trickle vents can be fitted into the frame head which means no need for the additional cost of a frame extender!
  • Optional 20 and 40mm extenders are available.
  • Low profile door magnets.
  • Standard and integrated thresholds with 100,150 and 190mm cill options.

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Install in minutes

Save hours onsite by watching our useful video on how to install the Korniche Bi-folding door.

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