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How to get a quote:

We offer two convenient ways to get a quote for your Korniche products:

  • KwikQuote: If you’d like to generate quotes instantly, sign up for KwikQuote! It’s a free and time-saving solution for repeat customers.
  • Quote Requests: We also have dedicated quote forms for each of our Korniche products: Bi-fold Doors, Roof Lanterns, and Flat Glass Rooflights. Simply click the link for the product you’re interested in and fill out the form. Our friendly quote team will get back to you with a bespoke quote as soon as possible.

Instant quote access for all Korniche products.

If you’ve already signed up for Kwikquote, simply click the “Login” button and enter your registered email address and password. You’ll be whisked away to your Kwikquote dashboard where you can start creating quotes.

Sign up for Kwikquote!

New to Kwikquote? Signing up is a breeze! Click the “Sign Up” button and follow the easy steps to create your account. Once registered, you’ll have instant access to the time-saving benefits of Kwikquote.

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Bi-fold Doors

Need a quote for your Bi-fold Door project? Get a quote for your next project here.

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Roof Lanterns

Add a touch of elegance and light. Get a quote for your Roof Lantern projects.

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Flat Glass Rooflights

Enhance spaces with natural light. Request a quote for Flat Glass Rooflights.

We offer a rapid KwikQuote service on all our products

Tired of waiting for quotes? We’re excited to introduce KwikQuote, our system that generates you instant quotes for our Korniche products – Bi-fold Doors, Roof Lanterns, and Flat Glass Rooflights – at your convenience.

Like to know more about KwikQuote? Contact us on 01642 610799

What is KwikQuote?

Kwikquote is a user-friendly online tool designed to save you precious time. With Kwikquote, you can:

  • Get your price in an instant: No need to wait for our team to get back to you. Get quotes for your projects on-demand.
  • 24/7 access: Access Kwikquote anytime, anywhere. Need a quote outside of business hours? No problem!
  • Simplified process: The intuitive interface makes generating quotes quick and easy. Access pricing on the go without the need for time-consuming written quote requests.

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