Korniche Flat Glass Rooflights

Illuminate your clients’ living spaces with the Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight

Create welcoming rooms flooded with natural light, while also providing superior thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Engineered to inspire

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty.

Korniche crafts products with you in mind, offering an extra touch of class to your projects.

Our Flat Glass Rooflight is the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency, featuring exceptional thermal efficiency, effortless glass replacement, and a choice of affordable double or triple glazed panels.

Effortless glass replacement for peace of mind

At Korniche we understand that accidents can happen. That’s why we prioritise your peace of mind. Our Flat Glass Rooflight design ensures swift and effortless glazing replacement, all while preserving the integrity of your interior décor.

Furthermore, our choice of standard double or triple glazed panels not only offers affordability but also sidesteps the often expensive and cumbersome full replacements seen with our competitor stepped or ceramic-edged designs.

Easy, mess-free installation

The Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight is the perfect choice for tradesmen looking for a quick and easy installation.

The frame arrives fully assembled and just needs to be positioned, secured, and sealed.

The glass unit simply clips into place, elegantly concealing the joint between the Flat Glass and the plastered finish.

Choose the Korniche Flat Glass for your next project and experience the difference in installation speed and ease.

Visual breakdown of the Korniche Flat Glass

Colours to reflect your style

Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight offers a choice of readily available stock colours: Grey, Black, and White. This ensures swift delivery times, making it the ideal choice for tradespeople working on tight deadlines.

For a more unique touch, Korniche also provides bespoke powder coated RAL colour finishes upon request. This gives trades the flexibility to create a truly unique and personalised look for their clients’ projects. Regardless of the colour choice, each Korniche Flat Glass unit is framed by a black gloss bezel, meticulously framing the glass unit and adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

White RAL 9910

Korniche Flat Glass in White

Black RAL 9005

Korniche Flat Glass in black

Grey RAL 7016

Korniche Flat Glass in Anthracite Grey

Bespoke RAL options

Korniche Flat Glass in bespoke colours

Glazing tailored to your preference

Korniche Flat Glass offers a variety of glazing options to meet your clients’ aesthetic and functional needs.

  • Choose from a laminated double or a triple glazed option. Laminated glass provides additional durability and safety, while triple glazing offers superior thermal insulation.
  • Glass units are available in a range of tints: clear, blue, or neutral. This allows you to choose the perfect tint to complement your clients’ décor and lifestyle.
  • For those seeking additional durability and safety, Korniche also offers a laminated option. Laminated glass provides enhanced protection against accidents and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Enhance your clients’ experience with a self-clean coating. This coating delivers superb weather resistance and lowers maintenance, making it easier for your clients to keep their glass looking it’s best.
Double Glazed Korniche Flat Glass
Triple Glazed Korniche Flat Glass

Security with proven standards

Korniche Flat Glass is designed to keep your clients’ homes safe and secure. Meeting the stringent PAS 24: 2020 standard, our Flat Glass offers enhanced protection against potential threats.

For Korniche, security isn’t a mere feature—it’s foundational. The commitment to meeting and exceeding these established benchmarks allows you to confidently choose Korniche, knowing that you’re placing the safety of your client’s home in trusted hands.