Korniche Flat Glass

Korniche Flat Glass

Illuminate Your Living Space

Brighten your home and experience the forefront of innovation with the Korniche Flat Glass™. Create a space into a welcoming room flooded by natural light.

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Engineered to inspire

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty.

Korniche crafts products with you in mind, offering an extra touch of elegance and class.

Dive into a world where aesthetics and efficiency combine.

Beyond it’s visual appeal, the Korniche Flat Glass design stands out with its exceptional thermal efficiency, credited to the polyamide inner section, Saving money on your energy bills, creating a space that can be used all year around.

Effortless glass replacement for peace of mind

At Korniche we understand that accidents can happen. That’s why we prioritise your peace of mind. Our Flat Glass design ensures swift and effortless glazing replacement, all while preserving the integrity of your interior décor.

Furthermore, our choice of standard double or triple glazed panels not only offers affordability but also sidesteps the often expensive and cumbersome full replacements seen with our competitor stepped or ceramic-edged designs.

Easy, mess-free installation

The Korniche Flat GlassTM is easy to install. Enjoy the benefit of your build project being water tight in the shortest possible time without the hassle of a complicated installation.

The frame arrives fully assembled and just needs to be positioned, secured, and sealed.

The glass unit simply clips into place, elegantly concealing the joint between the Flat Glass and the plastered finish, ensuring your décor remains flawless.

With Korniche, enhancing your home is both quick and effortless.

Visual breakdown of the Korniche Flat Glass

Colours to reflect your style

Korniche Flat Glass offers a choice of readily available stock colours: Grey, Black, and White. This ensures swift delivery times.

For a more unique touch, Korniche also provide bespoke powder coated RAL colour finishes upon request. Regardless of your colour choice, complementing each hue is a black gloss bezel, meticulously framing the glass unit.

White RAL 9910

Korniche Flat Glass in White

Black RAL 9005

Korniche Flat Glass in black

Grey RAL 7016

Korniche Flat Glass in Anthracite Grey

Bespoke RAL options

Korniche Flat Glass in bespoke colours

Glazing tailored to your preference

Choose from a laminated double or a triple glazed option. Glass units are available in a range of tints: clear, blue, or neutral, ensuring your aesthetic and functional needs are met.

For those seeking additional durability and safety, Korniche also offer a laminated option. Enhance your experience with a self-clean coating that delivers superb weather resistance and lowers maintenance.

Double Glazed Korniche Flat Glass
Triple Glazed Korniche Flat Glass

Security with proven standards

Your home’s safety is non-negotiable. With Korniche Flat Glass, you’re not just buying a fantastic, glazed product; you’re investing in peace of mind.

Meeting the stringent PAS 24:2016 standard, our Flat Glass offers enhanced protection against potential threats, helping shield both your valuables and your loved ones.

For Korniche, security isn’t a mere feature—it’s foundational. The commitment to meeting and exceeding these established benchmarks allows you to confidently choose Korniche, knowing that you’re placing the safety of your home in trusted hands.

For more information see our dedicated korniche website

The Korniche product website provides you with everything you need to know. Consumer front end allows your customers to explore and understand the product and the Trade side of the site delivers more in-depth technical and installation information.

View the online brochures, videos and more including direct order details for quotations and orders.

Peace of mind comes as standard with Korniche

Fast and simple installation
Self-clean glass
Multiple Configurations
Short manufacturing lead times
Multiple RAL colour options

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