How To Install a Korniche Bi-Folding Door in Minutes

28,02,24 | News, Products

by Daniel Hirst

At Made For Trade, we’re passionate about bringing innovative, high-quality products to our customers. Today, we’re showcasing the impressive Korniche Bi-Folding Door and its surprisingly quick and easy installation process.

Pre-Assembled for Efficiency:

The Korniche Bi-Folding Door arrives on-site pre-assembled, complete with all parts and a comprehensive installation guide. This eliminates the need for complex assembly on-site, saving valuable time and effort.

All parts and the comprehensive installation guide for the Korniche Bi-folding door

Detailed installation instructions and parts list for Korniche Bi-folding door.

Step-by-Step Korniche Bi-folding Door Installation:


Preparation: Before starting, ensure the opening is level and matches the door’s dimensions.

Ensure the opening is level and matches the door's dimensions before starting.

Make sure the opening is level and matches the door’s dimensions before you begin.


Bead Unpacking: The clearly labelled beads ensure proper order during glazing. Remove the clip-in Speedbeads and discard the polystyrene spacers.

Beads arranged for glazing procedure.

Clearly marked beads for glazing.


Handle Installation: Install the provided Korniche traffic handle.

Installing a Korniche traffic handle on a door

Fitting Korniche traffic handle to door.


Cill and Door Positioning: Carefully position the door frame, ensuring its plumb and level in both directions.

Measuring a door frame with a tape measure, ensuring it's plumb and level.

Measuring the door frame


Door Installation: Secure the frame in place, starting from the corners and adding fixings and packers every 400mm. Remember to maintain the level throughout. Double-check vertical, horizontal, and diagonal alignments before final fixing. Ensure all screws are sub-flush to avoid interference with the floating roller hardware. Finally, re-install the door jamb.

Installing Korniche Bi-folding Door frame securely.

Securing Korniche Bi-folding Door frame


Door Glazing: Place the glazing packers and position the glass panels for alignment in each sash. Secure them using the innovative Korniche Speedbead system, which takes just seconds to clip into place. Remember to install the top and bottom beads first, followed by the vertical ones. The Korniche deep glazing tool allows for easy bead removal and repositioning without damaging the frame or bead.

Glazing The Korniche Bi-folding Door

Glazing process of the Korniche Bi-folding Door


Door Functionality: Once glazed, check the door’s operation, making final adjustments so all sashes align and maintain an 11mm gasket gap. Install the final hinge screws after adjustments.

A man testing the Korniche Bi-folding door

Checking the Korniche Bi-folding door functionality and operation


Magnet Installation: Position the magnet with a 10mm gap between the traffic handle and door frame.

Installing a magnet to the Korniche Bi-folding door using a screwdriver.

Installing a magnet to the Korniche Bi-folding door


Ventilation: The Korniche Bi-Folding Door design allows for the integration of trickle vents directly into the outer frame, eliminating the need for additional purchases and further saving on installation time.

Trickle vents integrated into Korniche Bi-folding door's outer frame. Improved ventilation and sleek design.

The integration of trickle vents into the Korniche Bi-folding door frame.


Benefits of the Korniche Bi-Folding Door:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Saves time and labour compared to other doors.
  • Pre-Assembled for Efficiency: Eliminates on-site assembly and reduces installation complexity.
  • Innovative Glazing System: Streamlines the glazing process with the Korniche Speedbead system.
  • Integrated Ventilation: Eliminates the need for additional vent purchases.
  • Sleek and Stylish Design: Enhances the aesthetics of your building.


Korniche Bi-folding Door showcasing sleek design and modern functionality.

The Korniche Bi-folding Door, adding elegance to any space.

Made For Trade is proud to offer the Korniche Bi-Folding Door, a fantastic combination of elegance, functionality, and efficient installation.

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