Introducing the Korniche Aluminium Bi-Folding Door: Glazed in Seconds with Speedbead Technology

03,04,24 | News, Products

by Daniel Hirst

Introducing the revolutionary Speedbead system, a time-saving innovation that sets the Korniche Bi-Folding Door apart.

Korniche Speedbead clip-in bead ready for removal, specialized tool positioned for disengagement.

Getting ready to detach! This image shows the Korniche Speedbead clip-in bead before removal. A special tool is carefully positioned to disengage the clip, initiating the disassembly process.

Glazing in Seconds: Speedbead

Imagine installing a bi-folding door and glazing each leaf in just seconds. That’s the power of the Korniche Speedbead system, a patented clip-in glazing bead developed by Made For Trade. Forget the hassle of traditional methods that involve cutting and fitting wedge gaskets on-site, a process that can be lengthy and prone to errors.

Speedbead: Transforming Bi-Folding Door Installation

Here’s how Speedbead simplifies and streamlines the installation process:

  • Pre-gasketed for Simplicity: Speedbead comes pre-gasketed, eliminating the need for on-site gasket manipulation. This translates to significant time savings and a more streamlined installation process.
  • Clip-in for Effortless Glazing: Simply clip the Speedbead into place for a secure and weatherproof fit. No adjustments are needed, ensuring a precise installation every time.
  • Concealed Beauty: The innovative design of Speedbead creates a concealed seal that doesn’t obstruct the clean sight lines of the glazed panels, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the Korniche bi-folding door.
  • Easy Deglazing: Need to make adjustments or replace a glass panel? Speedbead features a dedicated tool that allows for effortless deglazing, minimizing the risk of damage to the door frame.


Close-up of Speedbead removal tool detaching clip-in bead from Korniche bi-folding door, revealing internal workings.

Taking a closer look! This close-up image shows a special tool removing the clip-in bead from a Korniche Speedbead, revealing the inner workings of this innovative system.

Beyond Speedbead: The Complete Korniche Package

While Speedbead is a game-changer for installation, the Korniche Bi-Folding Door offers a wealth of additional benefits:

  • Smooth Gliding Action: High-quality rolling hardware with fully sealed bearings ensures a smooth and effortless glide for years to come.
  • Unmatched Security: The shoot bolt handle boasts an innovative anti-back-drive feature, while PAS 24 certification and a three-star Yale locking barrel guarantee top-notch security.


Korniche bi-folding door with Speedbead applied to one leaf in 40 seconds.

This Korniche bi-folding door leaf showcases the system’s fast installation – Speedbead applied in just 40 seconds.

The Korniche Bi-Folding Door: The Installer’s Choice

Made For Trade’s Korniche Bi-Folding Door with Speedbead technology is a perfect solution for homeowners seeking a stylish, secure, and easy-to-install door system. For installers, Speedbead makes sure the project is complete faster and further adjustments are more efficient.

Ready to Experience Korniche?

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