Tour Made for Trade’s Bi-Fold Door Factory

by Daniel Hirst

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a beautiful, high-quality Korniche bi-folding door? Well, wonder no more! We’re excited to offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Made for Trade factory and offices, captured in our captivating new video.

Embark on a Bi-Folding Door Factory Tour

In this video, you’ll take a virtual journey through our state-of-the-art facility, experiencing firsthand the dedication and innovation that goes into every Made for Trade product. Our bi-folding door factory tour unveils the heart of our operation, witness:

A Passionate Made for Trade Customer Service Team

The heart of any great product or service is the people behind it. At Made for Trade, we understand that exceptional customer service is just as important as the quality of our bi-folding doors. That’s why we’ve assembled a passionate team dedicated to providing you with exceptional support throughout your entire experience.

A photo of the Made for Trade customer service team working together in a bright office environment. Team members are smiling and talking on phones and headsets, with computers and customer files on their desks.

Our dedicated Made for Trade customer service team is always ready to answer your questions and provide expert support.

More Than Just Desks: Fostering a Culture of Collaboration

At Made for Trade, we believe a happy team is a productive team. Our vibrant offices go beyond cubicles, fostering collaboration with open spaces and natural light. But it’s not all work! An on-site gym and a fun canteen with a pool table keep our employees energised and connected, leading to a positive and inspiring work environment.

Photo of a brightly lit Made for Trade canteen. The canteen has tables and chairs for dining, and a pool table stands in the centre of the room.

Made for Trade offers a comfortable and well-equipped canteen, perfect for breaks and unwinding.

A State-of-the-Art Factory

Made for Trade isn’t just about exceptional customer service and innovative design; it’s also about precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. Step inside our state-of-the-art factory, where advanced machinery hums with purpose. Here, artistry meets automation as skilled technicians work alongside computer-controlled systems to ensure the precise processing of aluminium profiles.

Photo of the Made for Trade factory interior showcasing the Korniche bi-fold door production line. The image shows several Korniche bi-fold door frames, at least five in a row, positioned along the production line. Made for Trade team members in high-visibility jackets are visible working on the doors.

A peek inside the Made for Trade factory! This photo showcases our dedicated team members working on the Korniche bi-fold door production line.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Precision machinery sets the stage, but the artistry of our craftspeople brings Korniche bi-folding doors to life. From meticulous cutting and assembly to rigorous quality checks, their dedication to detail ensures every door is a bespoke masterpiece. This human touch, combined with advanced technology, guarantees exceptional quality you can trust.

Photo of a Made for Trade craftsman carefully measuring and preparing to cut a long metal profile for a Korniche bi-fold door. The craftsman wears safety glasses and gloves and uses specialized tools for precise cutting.

Made for Trade’s skilled craftsmen ensure precision at every stage. Here, one of our craftsmen meticulously measures and prepares to cut a Korniche bi-fold door profile.

Glass Inspection

For your complete convenience, we handle glass delivery and inspection in-house. This ensures perfect compatibility with your bi-folding door frame and eliminates the need for multiple deliveries. It’s just another way we strive for a one-stop shop experience that guarantees satisfaction.

Close-up photo of two Made for Trade glass inspectors carefully examining a large sheet of glass for a Korniche bi-fold door. Inspectors wear gloves and use specialised tools to check for clarity, scratches, and imperfections.

Made for Trade’s meticulous glass inspection process ensures only the highest quality materials go into your Korniche bi-fold doors.

Loading for a Safe Delivery

Our skilled team meticulously loads both bi-folding door frames and glass panes onto specialised Korniche delivery vehicles. This ensures your doors arrive safely and ready to transform renovation projects.

Photo of a Made for Trade Korniche delivery van parked in a loading bay. Team members are carefully loading new Korniche bi-fold doors into the back of the van.

Made for Trade bi-fold doors are ready to be delivered! Our team carefully loads new Korniche bi-fold doors into our dedicated delivery van.

A Guarantee of Quality

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every step of the process, from our passionate team to cutting-edge technology. This video is a glimpse into that dedication, ensuring you receive the highest quality Korniche bi-folding doors and exceptional customer service.

Photo of the exterior of the Made for Trade factory and offices. The photo features a large red Korniche sign prominently displayed at the front of the building.

Welcome to Made for Trade! This photo showcases our prominent Korniche sign at the entrance to our factory and offices.

Elevate Your Business with Made for Trade

Want to offer your clients the finest bi-folding doors on the market? Look no further than Made for Trade. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures exceptional products that enhance your projects and impress your clients. Explore our extensive range of bi-folding doors and other home improvement solutions.



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