Installing a Korniche Bi-Folding Door: A Step-by-Step Guide with Insights from Roger Bisby

26,02,24 | News, Products

by Daniel Hirst

A deep dive into the installation process of a Korniche Bi-folding Door, incorporating valuable insights and tips from expert installer, Skill Builder, Roger Bisby.

Korniche: Unboxing and Initial Impressions

“One thing you’ll notice about this door is that it comes assembled,” points out Roger. “In other words, you don’t get a flat pack frame… This is already there, comes beautifully packaged up to save it getting damaged.” This pre-assembled nature not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of damage during transportation.

Carrying the Korniche Bi-folding door frame for installation.

Carrying the Korniche Bi-folding door frame for installation.

Preparing the Opening: A Crucial Step

Before diving into the installation, Roger highlights the importance of proper preparation: “We’ve measured the opening and always measure it in three places, bottom, top and the middle. Allow yourself 10 millimetres on that opening…” He also highlights the importance of addressing potential water concerns: “One of the big problems that you get with all kinds of patio doors… is that people want a level access. You need to think about that because the rainwater, under the wrong conditions, can drive in underneath the door…”

Skill Builder inspecting the Korniche Bi-folding door, ensuring frame alignment is straight

Inspecting the Korniche Bi-folding door, ensuring frame alignment is straight

Installing the Frame: Precision and Patience

Roger meticulously guides us through the frame installation process, emphasizing the use of packers for levelling and squaring: “Might seem like a lot of fiddling around, you know, putting packers in and just moving it a millimetre here or there. But honestly, do it. Take your time doing it, because when you get it right, you can fix the whole thing in, and you know it’s going to be right forever. ” He also highlights the benefits of using a laser level: “So I’ve used these top fixings to just lift it up and down and use the laser level, so they’ve got a line along the top. I mean it makes it so much easier…”

Skill Builder installing a Korniche Sliding Door System on a patio.

Installation of Korniche Sliding Door System on patio by Roger Bisby

Door Panel Installation: A Unique System

Roger walks us through the unique sliding door system : “This is probably about the best I’ve ever seen in the bifold. Look how easily that glides…” he also points out our clever Speedbead glazing system, “Now, this is unique glazing. It’s really very clever, it saves a lot of time, and it also looks a lot neater. You’ve got a real high end finish aluminium trim here rather than a piece of rubber going round…” He also talks about the importance of following the instructions and the helpful labels: “Korniche again have been thinking of the installer and they’ve put loads of labels on here that help you…”

A close-up of a worker using the speedbead glazing system on a Korniche Bi-folding door.

Rodger using the Speedbead glazing system.


Key Takeaways and Additional Tips

Here are some key takeaways and additional tips:

  • Always refer to the instructions: “I really have to emphasise that because so often people embark on a job without fully understanding what’s involved…”
  • Two people are recommended for handling the glass panels.
  • Be mindful of strong winds when installing the glass.
  • The deglazing tool simplifies glass removal if needed.

By following these steps, incorporating Roger’s insights, and carefully considering the features of our Korniche Bi-folding doors, you can embark on a successful installation and enjoy the benefits of these doors, including their ease of use, integrated trickle vents, high-security features, and stylish design.

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