Why Installers Love the Korniche Roof Lantern: A Review By Mark Millar

22,02,24 | News, Products

by Daniel Hirst

Why Installers Love the Korniche Roof Lantern: A Review by Mark Millar

Mark Millar, TV personality, installation pro and Made For Trade ambassador, knows what trade professionals value: quality products that save time and money. When it comes to roof lanterns, he raves about the Korniche Roof Lantern – and for good reason.

Let’s dive into why it should be your go-to choice:

Built for Strength and Beauty:

“It’s built on a 25° angle and it’s still super strong on a very slim profile,” Mark explains. “It’s firmly thermally broken and beautifully finished.” This combination means you get a sleek, modern look without sacrificing structural integrity. Available in white, black, and anthracite grey, it seamlessly complements any project style.

Mark Millar, installation expert, peering through a Korniche Roof Lantern, searching for visible fixings but finding none.

“No matter what angle I look in, I can’t see any fixings!” – Mark Millar on the impressive design of the Korniche Roof Lantern.

Invisible Fixings for a Clean Look:

Mark loves that “no matter what angle you look in, you can’t see any fixings.” This design creates a clean, uninterrupted view of the sky, maximizing the feeling of openness and connection with the outdoors. Your customers will be wowed!

Installation Speed That Saves You Time (and Money):

“This is a cracking product,” Mark declares. “And so easy to fit! One of the things I really like about it, is it’s so easy to install. But don’t believe me. Look at the guys. ” He then lets the video do the talking. Check out the video below and you’ll witness the Korniche Roof Lantern being installed with remarkable speed and ease. Imagine the time you’ll save on-site.

Mark sums it up perfectly:

“That’s how quick and easy it is. Can you imagine how much time you’re going to save on site? Oh, I just said the magic word, time. What does that equal? Money.

More Benefits for You:

  • Made For Trade, the UK’s only Korniche fabricator, this means you’re guaranteed quality and support.
  • Get bi-folding doors, roof lanterns and glass delivered directly from us – a one-stop shop for your projects.
  • Our commitment to quality ensures happy customers and repeat business for you.

The Korniche Roof Lantern isn’t just a product, it’s an investment in your business:

  • Faster installations = more jobs completed.
  • Happy customers = repeat business and referrals.
  • Top-notch quality = a reputation for excellence.


Ready to upgrade your extension projects?

Contact Made For Trade today for expert advice and a free quote. Start offering your customers the best with the Korniche.



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