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The Ultimate Guide to Korniche Roof Lantern Installation

Here at Made for Trade, we’ve designed and engineered these lanterns to flood homes with sunlight. This Korniche Roof Lantern Installation Guide provides you, the professional tradesperson, with the knowledge and steps for a flawless install.


How To Install A Korniche Roof Lantern

Part 1: Choosing the Perfect Size

Surveying: See our roof lantern surveying guide. Our roof lanterns are made to measure and can be a maximum of 4m x 6m.

Measure with confidence: Begin by measuring the external upstand’s width and length, including any roofing membrane and factor in the essential 12mm overhang.

Effortless ordering: Once you have your measurements to choose the ideal Korniche roof lantern, then request a quote.


Part 2: Installation Journey – From Tools To Transformation

Gather your tools: Ensure you have the necessary equipment.


Cordless Screwdriver

5mm Hex Bit (Supplied)

5mm Hex Bit (Supplied)

Soft Mallet

Soft Mallet

Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters



Installation Manual: You MUST read through the instruction guide before you begin, this will ensure your roof lantern retains its warranty and performs optimally. Download the Korniche Roof Lantern Installation Guide


Step 1: Build The Eaves beam:

Slide together the corner brackets, secure with tie-wraps, ensure the corner is closed up tightly before applying the sealant, only apply sealant where indicated!


Step 2: Spider Assembly:

Insert the hips into the and rafters using the bolts [Recommended torque 10Nm] make sure the correct size bolts and tapered washers are used. Then attach the spider to the eaves beam and fasten down using the predrilled holes. Use packers under the eaves beam to support each screw. Check eaves beams are fully sealed to the upstand.


Step 3: Glazing:

Carefully slides the glass panels into the retainer and rotate into postion. Secure each panel with glazing beads by simply pressing them into the designated grooves.


Step 4: Caps:

Adjust the class retainers before gently tapping the top caps into place with the rubber mallet ensuring a secure click. Then clip in the boss top caps before finally clipping on the end caps


Beyond The Steps:

Remember to consult the instruction manual and video guide for detailed instructions, safety precautions, and valuable insights. With this guide and your expertise, you’ll transform your client’s space with a stunning Korniche roof lantern, bringing natural light, architectural beauty, and a touch of magic.


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