The K-Team is Here to Save the Day (and Your Korniche Projects)!

27,03,24 | Made For Trade, News

by Daniel Hirst

We’re thrilled to announce that our legendary Korniche site support team are now officially rolling in style. That’s right, the K-Team, as they’ve affectionately been called by Made For Trade Customer Services, now have a branded van hitting the roads today.

Known for their expertise in troubleshooting and installation assistance, our site support team is now fully equipped with an officially branded vehicle. This move reflects our commitment to continued improvement and enhanced visibility for our exceptional Korniche customer support services.

Made for Trade branded Korniche site support van with company logo on the side.

Made for Trade’s dedicated Korniche site support team is now officially on the road with this branded vehicle.


Enhancing Korniche Support with a Branded On-Site Presence

Our on-site support team, comprised of highly skilled technicians with extensive Korniche product knowledge, plays a crucial role in customer success. This dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure your project runs smoothly, from initial installation to ongoing maintenance.

The K-Team: Your Korniche Heroes

The on-site support team itself remains unchanged, offering the same exceptional range of services you expect:

  • Remedial Work: Need corrective actions due to unforeseen installation challenges? Our on-site support team is here to assess the situation and get your project back on track.
  • Technical Expertise: Facing a technical hurdle with your Korniche product? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team’s in-depth knowledge allows them to diagnose and resolve any Korniche issue promptly and effectively.
  • Product Knowledge and Guidance: Have questions about a specific Korniche product’s functionality or features? Our on-site support team can answer them. They possess a deep understanding of the entire Korniche product line, ensuring you have a complete grasp of the product’s capabilities.
  • Installation Support and Expertise: Whether you’re a seasoned installer or a newcomer navigating your first Korniche project, our on-site support team have seen it all and are here to provide valuable assistance. They can offer expert guidance, answer technical questions, and ensure your installation adheres to the highest standards.


A Mobile Workshop for Streamlined Support

The dedicated support vehicle itself functions as a mobile workshop, ensuring the team has all the necessary tools and resources readily available on-site. This streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on your project with minimal disruption.

Rear of the Made for Trade Korniche site support van showcasing "Korniche Site Support" lettering.

The rear of the Made for Trade Korniche site support van displays clear “Korniche Site Support” lettering.


Made for Trade: Your Trusted Korniche Partner

Made for Trade understands the importance of reliable and efficient on-site support for your Korniche projects. Our dedicated team, now with a more visible presence, is committed to providing you with the expertise and resources necessary to achieve exceptional results.

If you have any questions or require on-site support with your Korniche products, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We’re here to help you achieve success throughout your entire Korniche project journey.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire, the K-Team.



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