KwikCollect: Faster Korniche Product Collection

by Daniel Hirst

Made For Trade, a leader in the trade industry for over 40 years, is proud to introduce KwikCollect, a revolutionary service designed to streamline your operations and empower you to get Korniche products faster.

Made For Trade has been a stalwart in the trade industry for over four decades. Over eight years ago, they launched the multi-award-winning Korniche brand and are known for their unrivalled quality, engineered products, and excellent services. Devoted to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of tradespeople and for their commitment to customer service, they have launched their KwikCollect service to streamline your trading operations further.

Two Made for Trade staff loading a van with bi-fold doors using Kwikcollect service.

Made for Trade staff efficiently loading bi-fold doors for quick collection with Kwikcollect.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Efficiency and Speed

Stan placed an order for his building project last Monday, and by Friday, he was already installing Korniche’s bi-fold doors.  Made For Trade’s KwikCollect service is a solution in the trade sector that helps tradespeople like Stan manage their time more effectively, avoid unnecessary delays, and ultimately stay ahead of the competition.  The speedy response and collection time means people like Stan are already moving on to their next projects, whilst others are twiddling their thumbs, waiting around for the products to be delivered or incurring costs because they haven’t met the agreed project schedule time.

Kwikcollect Logo

Kwikcollect – A convenient and Reliable Delivery Solutions

How KwikCollect Redefines Product Collection

KwikCollect offers an innovative solution for tradespeople. It ensures that you receive your Korniche products swiftly but with the added convenience around busy and unsociable schedules by allowing you to collect your orders at a time that meets your needs. You place your order via your KwikQuote account, but if you don’t have one, setting one up is very user-friendly; the whole process from ordering to the collection of products is seamless.

From Click to Collection: Navigating the KwikCollect Process

Navigating the fast-track collection service really couldn’t be easier, so how does the KwikCollect process work?

  • Using your KwikQuote account, place your order online
    (Check that your products meet our KwikCollect criteria).
  • Select ‘KwikCollect’.
  • Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • If you order before 2 pm, you can collect your order on the same day next week!
  • On arrival at the factory collection point, present your collection note.
  • To avoid any storage fees, make sure you collect your order before ten days is up.

A note about our criteria:

  • Standard colours and self-cleaning glass are available in the KwikCollect service.  Laminated glass, blind glass and triple glazing are not included in the KwikCollect service.
Stacked bi-fold doors prepped for Made for Trade delivery or Kwikcollect.

Made for Trade: Bi-fold doors prepared for delivery or Kwikcollect pickup.

Gain a Competitive Edge with KwikCollect

With a faster product collection service like KwikCollect, you can streamline your business operations and gain that competitive edge. Here are several benefits that might help you pip your competitors to the post:

Reduce Wait Times

Nothing is worse than working on a time-sensitive project with a valuable customer and wasting precious time. If you have a particularly pressing project and cannot wait for a 6-14 working day delivery option, with the KwikCollect service, you can avoid those long waits, receive your Korniche products faster, and get the job done quicker.

Increase Flexibility

Managing your schedule just got easier with KwikCollect.  If you are juggling multiple projects or spending several hours travelling from location to location, the flexibility of collecting your products without constrained delivery windows is an immense peace of mind.  You can collect your orders faster from any of the KwikCollect factory points.

Increase Reliability

With a 5 day turnaround option on collected items, you are more in control of your project completion time so you can mitigate any delays associated with delivery schedules. You won’t need to worry about letting customers down, and you can honour your trust and dependability as a trader.

Made for Trade staff loading a bi-fold door into a van for Kwikcollect service.

Wider view of Made for Trade staff loading a bi-fold door for quick Kwikcollect pickup.

Accelerate Your Construction Projects: Experience the Convenience and Speed of KwikCollect

If you want to complete your building projects faster and hold a significant competitive advantage, more rapid turnaround times and access to those important Korniche products from the KwikCollect service will certainly place you in pole position.  Set up a KwikQuote account or contact the sales team, and you can order your products today.

Made for Trade factory loading bay with van in Bay 1.

Van positioned in Bay 1 at the Made for Trade factory, prepared for quick Kwikcollect loading.

Getting Ahead of the Game with KwikCollect

Stan is now off to the pub, having completed his project so efficiently this week.  With quicker access to the necessary Korniche materials, Stan has completed his projects ahead of schedule.  He has two new jobs lined up next week and, knowing that it will be an absolute game-changer for his business, he will be using the KwikCollect service for future Korniche products.


 KwikQuote, KwikCollect, Kwik Complete!



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