Made For Trade Shortlisted at the Glass & Glazing Installer Awards 2023

22,12,22 | Awards, News

by Ian Bousfield

Made for Trade shortlisted for the ‘Best Technical Innovation’ by the Glass & Glazing Installer Awards with the Korniche Bi-folding Door Clip-in Bead (Speedbead)


Made for Trade goes into 2023 as they ended 2022 with a new nomination and award shortlisting.

The ‘Speedbead’ on the Korniche bi-folding door is a true innovation. First introduced in 2019 on prototype doors unveiled at the FIT Show. Although clip-in beads are becoming more common in many new door systems, none are as easy to install and as flexible as the patented Korniche Speedbead allowing installers to not only quickly and easily glaze the door system and negate the requirement for wedge gasket, but also allows adjustability.

The supplied bead tool enables the bead to be easily removed with no damage to the frame, bead or glazing, allowing for easy and quick adjustment on the toe and heeling. For future remedial work, accidental damage repair etc the bead is easily removed, and repairs are made at a dramatically reduced time on site.

Recent advancements enable the use of the bead with integrated blind glass providing an additional option for customers.
Made for Trade continues to invest and develop products that make fundamental advances in product installation.

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