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25,07,22 | Made For Trade, News

by Michelle Hetherington

Renowned for being one step ahead in fenestration design and engineering, MFT’s award-winning Korniche products have been designed from the outset to comply with revised building regulations, and are now joined by a leading new delivery service, “One Drop Delivery”.

Future-proofing a home renovation, extension or build project is always a key consideration, and that same key carefully-considered ethos is also applied to the design of all Made For Trade’s Korniche products.

New building legislation which came into force in June means that bi-fold doors are now generally required to have background ventilation when used in renovation projects and new or self builds. These regulation changes to Approved Documents F are to incorporate ventilation via the use of trickle vents, but the updates were well planned for at Made For Trade, with the Korniche bi-folding door system fully compliant in a way that – true to MFT form – is one step ahead of the competition.

The addition of mandatory ventilation can often mean additional cost and unsightly features, but the Korniche door was designed from the very beginning in such a way that there is no additional requirement for an extender profile to house the trickle vent. The vent was instead designed by MFT ‘s engineers to be incorporated into the head, allowing for a 17mm clearance from the top of the inside of the door and 12.5mm from the outside top. Integrating such a feature at the engineering phase means two things for the trade partner and consumer:

Firstly, the sleek and slim profile of the Korniche bi-folding door is maintained with no unsightly additions or protrusions as part of a secondary component; the original market-leading aesthetics are preserved. Secondly though, the lack of additional frame parts – typically around £75 per door plus VAT – and no requirement for installation on site ultimately means a notable saving for the supplier and customer.

Thanks to early planning for compliancy this means that MFT are delighted to further cement their promise of the Best Products with the Best Service at the Best Price by providing greater convenience, and greater cost saving with the ventilation update.

Also in focus this month when it comes to cost saving and convenience for trade partners is a ‘One-Drop Delivery’ service. Having invested in excess of £400,000 over the last 18 months in its fleet of delivery vehicles based at their Wynyard HQ, MFT now not only offer crane offloading for maximum ease and safety on site, but is proud to showcase a one-drop service that includes both the door system and glazing together on the same truck.

This significant investment allows MFT to offer a Document L-compliant glazed product at a much-reduced cost and increased convenience compared to having the glass delivered by a third party.

Customers can now save up to 20% on previously advertised glazing prices as a result, with the glass delivered direct to site via MFT. What’s more, the One-Drop delivery saves downtime on site dealing with deliveries and glass that could typically arrive a day or two either side of the door system. The upshot is that installation of a Korniche product is now even quicker and more efficient; saving installers time and money and further reducing disruption for the homeowner.

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