When Made For Trade unveiled their innovative new Korniche lantern roof at the FIT Show, the stunning design impressed visitors so much, many even expressed the desire to swap the existing lanterns on their own homes for it!

Very Fast, One-Tool Installation

Boasting of one-tool installation, invisible fixings, and no silicone, the stunning aluminium Korniche lantern has been designed to be incredibly quick-to-fit, aesthetically pleasing, thermally efficient and durable at an unbeatable price.

Made For Trade’s Managing Director Bradley Gaunt explained:

“All roofs tend to be fiddly. You have silicone and bits of plastic that you have to click on - the installer would usually take an hour and a half or two hours to install. The Korniche can be assembled in half the time with a single hex key, which will be supplied in each roof kit.”

Stunning Design

Bradley, who designed and engineered the product, was delighted with the feedback on the Korniche, which contains unique parts that have not been used on a previous system.

“From the invisible fixings to the one-tool installation, the Korniche was designed to be incredible quick-to-fit as well as being aesthetically pleasing and thermally efficient.

“The parts have been expertly designed and engineered especially for the innovative system, so to have visitors describe it as “stunning” and “the best lantern at the FIT Show” is the ultimate compliment.”

He added: “It was our debut as exhibitors at the FIT Show and we weren’t sure what to expect. However, we couldn’t have asked for a better response. Thanks to all our visitors for making the launch a huge success.”

Coming Soon

The Korniche is expected to go into production 2016. Sign up to the MFT newsletter to be first in line for news: www.madefortrade.co / www.korniche.co.uk


(photo - Bradley Gaunt, MD of MFT, with a prototype of the Korniche lantern roof at the FIT Show 2016)